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The club sponsors trail rides every Thursday, from October thru April, holidays excluded.  Using a number of different stables, rides are arranged at various locations around the valley, like Lake Pleasant, Cave Creek or Wickenburg.  There are occasional rides in more distant locations, such as Payson or Prescott.

Most of the rides originate from a stable or ranch, while at other times the horses are brought by trailer to the ride location.  Stables match each rider with a horse appropriate to their skill level.  Members who have their own horses can join the ride, subject to approval by the stable.

The club enjoys western-style trail riding.  All of the trail rides are guided and are single file, walk only rides.  Most of the trails are narrow and rocky, so for safety reasons, we do not let the horses trot, lope, or gallop at any time.

The trail rides are rated from very easy to quite challenging.  Generally, ride length varies from 2 to 3 hours.  Riders are encouraged to select events which are appropriate to their riding skills and experience.

The most popular rides are those located here in the West Valley, relatively close to home.  All rides are planned with a cook-out or a restaurant visit following the event.  Occasionally, special rides which include breakfast or lunch on the trail are planned and are always well attended.

The usual start for the rides is 10AM.  This time will vary throughout the year.  Later start times in cooler weather, earlier starts in warm months.

Riding takes us up mountains and across streams, thru deserts and sometimes into pine forests.  It’s always a great way to spend a Thursday!